ADHD Evaluations


We are able to provide neuropsychological evaluations for ADHD!

We use a combination of rating scales, structured interview and QbCheck (in-office), an FDA cleared technology to aid in the diagnosis of ADHD.  Using this combination, we are able to consider the symptoms from both an objective and subjective point of view- meaning, that what you tell us about your experience is also important context.  Check out Qbtech’s blog for more information about testing in ADHD!

Please note, we do require an in-person visit prior to the issuance of any controlled substance prescription, such as many of the medications used to treat ADHD. 

QbCheck uses your computer's camera as part of how it reads your test.

What is QbCheck?

QbCheck is an advanced test of objective symptoms associated with ADHD. It is FDA cleared to aid the professional in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. By using a PC or Mac, QbCheck is used to gain a clear understanding of your symptoms. ADHD has three main symptoms: 

  1. Inattention – the extent to which someone can remain focused on a task
  2. Hyperactivity – the amount of movement, e.g. tapping foot, fidgeting
  3. Impulsivity – lack of impulse control, e.g. blurting out answers in class

During the test you be asked to perform a 15 or 20 minute computer-based task. The task measures your ability to maintain attention and impulse control. Meanwhile, a web camera uses facial recognition technology to track your movements during the test. The test results are used to create a report which compares your performance to the performance from other people of the same sex and age, with and without ADHD.


QbCheck uses your computer's camera while you are taking the test.
ADHD- is it me?

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder typically diagnosed in children.  In more recent years, adults reflecting back on their childhood are questioning if they have had ADHD all along.

Women, in particular, are beginning to be diagnosed more frequently than before.

If you feel that QbCheck is not for you, we do have other objective measures that we can use for testing.  We can also discuss in context how we use QbCheck with other measures to arrive at a diagnosis. 

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